Return On Investment In Phulera

Investment in real estate is a big decision, primarily because it entails a hefty amount of hard earned money. Builders and selling intermediaries will always claim that they have the best investment opportunity to offer. However, as a buyer / investor, how can somebody decide if the offer under consideration is definitely a fruitful opportunity? Tricky indeed!

Same logic applies to the Lake View City ,Maple Residency & AM Royal Palms plots in phulera . As the builder,AM BUILDINFRA PVT LTD.has every reason to propagate the benefits of investing in these residential and commercial plots in phulera . But whether as an investor you should stack your money in this part of Jaipur or not is the real question.

The answer…

To begin with, do not take our word on this Jaipur real estate investment decision, rather work with us through a series of logical arguments to reach the appropriate answer.

Phulera is a part of Jaipur city and thus, when we are considering investment opportunities in Phulera properties, it cannot be done in isolation. Jaipur real estate investment prospects and latest trends play a pertinent role here. Thus, let’s begin by Jaipur investment proposition and eventually connect the same with Phulera Township and plots.

Location: The prime reason to opt for Phulera residential and commercial as investment options is the strategic location. The district, while is packed away from the hustle bustle of a polluted metro city, is not secluded in any sense. Phulera junction has been identified as a major stop for the trains and the upcoming Kishangarh Airport makes this place connected to all parts of the country by rail and air routes. Further, the Jaipur/Ajmer highway (NH8) is merely 15 minutes drive and State highway is almost equidistant. The point is that reaching Phulera is quite convenient.

Commercial viability: Investing in Phulera residential plots or commercial plots makes reasonable business sense. To begin with, the region is certain to benefit from the government’s ambitious DMIC project. The Mahindra World City is barely 20 minutes drive and the industrial prospects are booming. Thus, not only it is certain that plots in Phulera will experience a definite price boom, even for the residents of all three townships, business prospects are pretty enlightening.


Staying in Phulera: Townships and residential plots in Phulera are growing in popularity; all thanks to the amenities available in the township and the neighborhood. The Lake View City ,Maple Residency & AM Royal Palms, a combination of residential plots Phulera and commercial plots Phulera is an example of architectural expertise. The properties are available in size range 100 – 300 sq yard and are totally in sync with the Vastu recommendations. While, horticulture experts have worked to enhance the location’s raw exquisiteness, education setups in vicinity make it a viable stay option for learners. Even as a tourist attraction, Phulera is a vivacious city. The beautiful Sambhar Lake is 2 kms from the AM Realty Solution’s townships and the adventures shooting zone too is in near proximity.


In hardly a year, plots in Phulera have witnessed impressive rate enhancements. If the recent developments are taken into account, it is quite certain that Phulera properties, which currently are quite affordable, would soon report an impressive price hike. Thus, if an investment must be made in Phulera plots, now is an opportune time.


Jaipur as an investment opportunity
Jaipur is about 277 kms from Delhi and thanks to the National Highway 8, this distance is a matter of few hours. Rail network and flight routes too are well spread out. The pink city has a tidy image and the cultural influence is pretty captivating. Thus, tourists and people residing in Delhi & NCR are often found strolling through the spacious streets of Jaipur. No wonder, hotels in Jaipur are at a rise and the property industry has been witnessing a regular boost. This is given the scenario when property statistics in Delhi NCR are not really inspiring.
Another reason for this upswing in real estate investment Jaipur is the area's commercial development. IT companies are particularly interested in this region. Property prices are cheaper than Delhi and being close to the capital city, workforce is easy to capture. Thus, while settling costs are controlled, work is maintained at full swing. To keep up with the commercial drive, residential growth is mandatory and thus the consistent property appreciation trend in Jaipur.

The Jaipur – Phulera connect


Phulera is a municipality in Jaipur, which has been identified in the DMIC network as a junction. The Phulera junction is one the prime reasons, why investment in this city ensures excellent returns. In the last year alone, Phulera has reported property rate hike by 100 – 200% and trade analysts are certain that the property in Phulera is still underpriced. Basically, with the DMIC project, Phulera is definitely going to take up the role of a prominent warehouse cum logistic hub for Jaipur and neighboring regions like Bikaner, Ajmer, Kishangarh ,Kota and more.


Additionally, the adjoining Mahindra World City has fueled up the commercial drive and going by the same phenomenon as in Jaipur, residential plots in Phulera will respond to the demand.


In terms of investment costs, plots in Phulera are way cheaper than properties of Delhi & NCR and available at a reasonably lower cost than Jaipur plots. Thus, the investment price is low, while because the city is rapidly developing, the pace promises better returns than any of the nearby regions.